Bad Heaven Ltd – ‘Strength’

Bad Heaven Ltd Snowing Strength single bandcamp

Photo credit: Emily Burtner

John Galm’s (Snowing, Street Smart Cyclists) Bad Heaven Ltd project features fellow Snowing man Ross Brazuk on bass, ex-TWIABP guitarist Tyler Bussey on guitar and Melissa Brain on drums. ‘strength’ is a one-and-a-half-minute-long song that will introduce you to their charmingly DIY sound.

Combining the heartfelt and self-depreciating style of Field Medic with brash, early Ben Kweller-style riffs along with a healthy dose of drone, ‘strength’ is a nostalgic ode to the days before bills and reality hit in; when you’re young and dumb and having a whale of a time: ‘Strength beyond strength, found my way home, slept out on the porch tonight, declare me the lucky one’. With one eye on how ridiculous this time in your life seems now you have responsibilities, John then remembers the overwhelming feelings of teen lust and how it made him feel: ‘Lucky and bored in love with you’.


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