Oso Oso – ‘Dig’ (II)

Oso Oso Dig

Jade Lilitri has decided to look on the bright side of life on Oso Oso’s forthcoming album ‘Basking in the Glow’ (out via Triple Crown Records on 16 August). New single ‘Dig’ (II) offers a bright glimpse of what’s to come.

Combining math-inspired hooks with a punkier energy  and then throwing in some pure Bleachers-esque pop hooks, the lyrics may be dark but the music is anything but: ‘There’s this hole in my soul. So how far do you wanna go?’

A song that captures the album’s message of making the most of the bright moments that shine through what seems to be the relentless darkness of modern life, it sits nicely next to Oso Oso’s label mates Foxing and finds Jade pondering how it’s ‘Hard to know what you’ve been shown if all you’re shown is lies’.


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