Quiet Lions – ‘Wasteland’

Quiet Lions Wasteland album Absenteeism stream

Quiet Lions have shared the video for ‘Wasteland’ ahead of the release of eagerly awaited debut album ‘Absenteeism’ on 14 June (Lonely Voyage Records). Frontman Michael Williams says the song ‘is all about having a voice, and using it for the greater good’ and the four-piece have released the video during the week of the European elections.

The Thrice-esque anthem starts with Michael passionately singing ‘Got to be stand up and be counted. Don’t you stay at home again’ amidst a flurry of huge riffs and then stating how if you don’t take your rights seriously, you’re only going to have regrets. He also offers the advice ‘don’t let the dreamers down’ even if it feels like we might be living in a ‘wasteland’. As the song rallies towards its climax, Michael pleads with people to make their voices heard: ‘We found the key, so clear the gate, the time has come to leave this place. You have the chance to take the wheel and give a voice to something real’.


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