Cagework – ‘My Life Outside Music’

Cagework collage

We thought it would be good to give some of our favourite bands the chance to tell us all about their hobbies, interests and skills outside of the music bubble. In the first of what we hope to be a regular series, Sam Bedford from Cagework tells us all about his love of collage:

“I got into collage about two and half years ago when I was living in Bristol. I don’t recall there being any specific rhyme or reason behind my decision to buy a cutting knife, dig out a few old National Geographics from the 1950s and start choppin’, but it felt good and it stuck. What I know I really like about making collages is that they are kind of like self-made puzzles. You have so many different combinations of placements that you can create some really funny/interesting things. They are also abstract in essence so playing with perspective is also really fun and easy.”

Cagework collage 2

“In terms of imagery, early National Geographics were a real inspiration, especially starting out. The thing with the really early ones (’40s, ’50s) is that most of the images are hand-colourised, which gives them really stark outlines and the colours are super vibrant, which is helpful for any beginner. I’ve had fun working with other content recently though. It’s been really interesting to mess around with pictures of myself or friends as well as bands. I’m a big fan of Raymond Pettibon, the artist behind the imagery of Black Flag and many other bands, and I’ve been working on trying to create band photo collages in the style of his flyer work. Its been really fun!”

Scan 2

*My websites are currently down but if you want to enquire about a commission, just message through the @Cagework insta!


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