Gold Baby – ‘500/1’

Gold Baby 500/1 stream indie music

Photo Credit: Sarah Currie

Gold Baby’s ‘500/1’ could be a distant cousin of Sharon Van Etten’s ‘Seventeen’ with Siân Alex also offering life lessons to her younger self. However, whereas Sharon’s song was more positive, Siân’s is more grounded in the real world – offering to show her past self ‘around a sad little town’ and confessing how ‘all I’ve learned is duller ways to waste my time’.

The song opens in quiet fashion as Siân looks back on dreams that were never fulfilled: ‘You thought that I’d be bigger, didn’t you? You thought that I’d be better, didn’t you? Admit it’ before Alex Lahey-meet-Weezer riffs are thrown in and it veers into dream pop territory with repeats of ‘bad dream, bad dream, this is just a bad dream’.


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