Gold Baby – ‘Philadelphia’

Gold Baby Philadelphia stream new music 2019

Siân Alex’s Gold Baby project returns with new single ‘Philadelphia’, a song that blends the story of a night spent lost in Pennsylvania’s famous city with that of a Mexican fisherman who finds himself lost at sea. Siân compares it to that feeling when you realise you’ve gone too far and there is no way back…

Opening with acoustic strums, the fast-paced song finds Siân discussing getting ‘lost in your conversation’ and talking about sleepwalking as she sets off on a one way trip even though ‘it’s getting dark’. She then sets the scene amidst a background of Modern Baseball emo stylings and Shins-esque guitar pop: ‘It was an underpass, it was an unlit road and you didn’t know until you were coming back’. Towards the end, Siân looks back on past mistakes (‘I forgot to eat, I forgot to breathe’; ‘no sunrise, no blue skies’) before finding solace in the fact ‘there was a dragonfly’.


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