Scoville Unit – ‘Beach Song’

Scoville Unit Beach Song stream indie rock 2019

Photo credit: Valentina Isleib

New York City indie rockers Scoville Unit have shared the video for ‘Beach Song’, a track that will feature on their self-titled third album, out on 6 September (pre-order here). The video was directed by Troy Carlton at Crane House Film.

Singer and songwriter Gandhar Savur says the song is all about escaping to the beach to try and work things out mentally while the open and honest lyrics talk about searching for answers while attempting to fix a broken heart ( ‘Searching for the answer while this dream was falling apart’;  ‘What if I asked you for a second chance for you to save me the last dance. Do you remember when we made sense?’).

Amidst Guided by Voices-meets-Beach Slang guitar hooks, Gandhar opens up about trying to make a positive difference to his life as he tries to find his way out of a tough time: ‘Well, the waves came crashing over me in the turning tide. Washed me clean with nothing left to hide’; ‘I know tomorrow is another day, maybe I’ll have something to say although the memories fade away’. 


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