Oso Oso – ‘Basking in the Glow’ album review

Oso Oso Basking in the Glow album review Triple Crown

Although Jade Lilitri has always veered to a more pessimistic view of life, he’s decided to change his ways on Oso Oso’s new album ‘Basking in the Glow’ (released via Triple Crown Records).

‘Intro’ inevitably opens the album with a burst of feedback before Mac DeMarco-meets-latter-day Vampire Weekend hooks give the song a psychedelic summer feel. Layered vocals and an American Football-style build-up are also thrown in as Jade pleads ‘teach me how to write, I’ll teach you how to read’. ‘The View’ follows this with more oomph and power, although this is also tinged with sadness: ‘Think I’m turning back, it’s the only way I know’. The title track has been perfectly designed for the live setting with potent stop-start riffs and handclap-baiting melodies, but again this optimistic sound is at odds with the lyrics: ‘I hate the way I miss your touch. I hate these songs I song, this empty drink. Do I even give a fuck?’

Recent single ‘Dig’ is more intricately put together with stop-start moments and a mathy feel while ‘One Such Plan’ could fit alongside DIY indie heroes like Elvis Depressedly. It has static feedback and heart-on-sleeve lyrics: ‘I need heaven. I need you. I need your perfect point of view’. There’s a more freeform and hazy sound in ‘Priority Change’ while ‘Wake Up Next to God’ could slot alongside Jimmy Eat World or Tiny Moving Parts. ‘Charlie’ is a love song that finishes the album with a brooding bass-led intro and power-pop hooks as Jade offers thoughtful lyrics: ‘It feels so good to stay up all night just to hear what she’ll say and the words stick like glue to the walls of my brain.

You’ll want to bask in the glow of these radiant songs.


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