Dead Soft – ‘I Believe You’

Dead Soft I Believe You single stream

After playing shows with Bully, The Breeders and Broken Social Scene, Dead Soft are preparing to release their new album ‘Big Blue’ via the ever-reliable Arts & Crafts. To whet your anticipation, they’ve shared new single ‘I Believe You’.

The album itself was inspired by the way the band had to leave Vancouver (regarded as the most expensive city in America) and woudl up in an isolated community on a tiny forest-covered island off the coast of the Pacific North West. Kicking off with Weezer-style hooks, ‘I Believe You’ finds the band letting out all their feelings (‘When it’s real, you can feel it. When you’re pretending it shows’) as they talk about longing for someone or something long lost: ‘The world is upside down, I’m vacuuming the ceiling’.


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