Beach Slang – ‘Tommy in the 80s’

Beach Slang Tommy in the 80s

Photo credit: Charlie Lowe

Beach Slang have shared ‘Tommy in the 80s’, the second single to be taken from new album ‘The Deadbeat Bang of Heartbreak City’ (out on 10 January). It comes ahead of a US tour supporting Goo Goo Dolls and is dedicated to the late power-pop legend, Tommy Keene.

Inspired by Tommy’s greatest hits (James Alex: ‘I took the ‘Saturday night’ bit from ‘Nothing Can Change You’. I took the title from ‘Warren In The 60s’. I took the horn part from ‘Deep Six Saturday’ and the thump from ‘Turning On Blue”), the anthemic three-minutes opens with classic rock & roll riffs and horns that you’ll want to jump around to as James sings about making his next Saturday night one to remember. He first praises his hero (‘Saturday night, city is loud, streets are alive… Saturday night, Tommy’s on the radio coming to life’) and then attempts to communicate with (or should that be appease?) him with instructions to play it ‘faster and louder’.


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