Good Good Blood – ‘Say Goodbye’

Good Good Blood Say Goodbye

Spectral Nights favourites Good Good Blood have made a welcome return with ‘Say Goodbye’, the first song to be taken from forthcoming album ‘At Your Mercy’ (released on 24 January, 2020 – pre-order via Fox Food Records here).

The song opens in typically understated fashion as James Smith’s swaying guitar combines with Kevin Allan’s gentle piano with powerful poignancy. There’s a cosiness to start with as James opens up to a loved one: ‘I’m a flame that burns in the winter, warms your insides. Like a feather that falls on the water, I will float to seasides’.

However, this is tinged with a sadness that brings to mind Bon Iver or the most recent Bad Books record as the nature-referencing lyrics hint things might not be as rosy as they first appeared: ‘Drink in the winter for the seasons hold me dear. Summer carries on with reasons so insincere. Listen to crows feet, call it treason’; ‘How can some people love so freely? And undeserving. We can’t seem to break the ceiling or say goodbye “Goodbye…”’

A fine soundtrack to the cold evenings ahead, ‘Say Goodbye’ is a fascinating and heartbreaking glimpse into the new record.




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