Babehoven – ‘Maybe I’m Bitter’

Babehoven Maybe I'm Bitter stream

Babehoven (or Maya Bon to friends and family) has shared the video for ‘Maybe I’m Bitter’ ahead of new EP ‘Demonstrating Visible Difference of Height in February next year. The stunning video has been directed and animated by transdisciplinary artist and Pataphysician Brin Gordon, who is currently earning their masters degree in Experimental Animation at the California Institute of the Arts.

Now based in Philadelphia (via LA, via Portland), Maya has already received plaudits from The Fader and Stereogum and ‘Maybe I’m Bitter’ tackles the surreal and overwhelming aspects of life that can eventually swallow you up: ‘This song is about the emotional aftermath of a loss of home, a loss of trust, and a splintering of family. It is a personal attempt to encapsulate what dissociation feels like in my life.’

Perfect for fans of Rosie Tucker and Anna Burch, the song opens with Maya wishing to be someone else: ‘If I were an actor, I’d cut all of my toenails and put them inside in a jar, tell them it’s magical’before then reflecting further on her actions and rallying against the fake nature of others: ‘I don’t need anything in the reflection’; ‘seems like I always stick around’; ‘Maybe I’m dreaming?’


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