Fast Blood – ‘Milo’


Fast Blood follow up the release of debut single ‘You’ with ‘Milo’, the second track to be taken from their forthcoming self-titled EP.

The band have shared stages with a diverse array of acts including Martha, Mannequin Pussy and Jeffrey Lewis and this song shows why they’re equally at home with each of them. Opening with punky guitar riffs, it opens with Abi Barlow’s self-doubting rhetorical question: ‘Why do I keep doing this to myself?’

As emo melodies in the vein of Milk Teeth or Jimmy Eat World swirl around her candid words, Abi ponders the anxieties faced by good people in today’s inward-looking society: ‘Sit back and watch me fall apart’. She then lays her own feelings bare in a heartbreaking way: ‘I keep on tearing myself to pieces until there’s nothing left of me. No matter how hard I try, nothing’s ever good enough’.


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