Disq share ‘Daily Routine’ video

New Saddle Creek signings Disq have shared ‘Daily Routine’ ahead of the release of debut album ‘Collector’ on 6 March.

The Madison, Wisconsin five-piece introduce the new record with a blast of birdsong and a cockerel’s call that makes way for potent guitar hooks that recall Ben Kweller at his slackerpop best. Isaac deBroux-Slone laments his life with self-depreciating humour and a truth that strikes through us all: ‘This is my daily routine, spend my hours on computer screens’.

As the detuned guitars get turned up, Isaac ponders what it’s like to feel clean and demands ‘Come and hit me in the head real hard’ with a striking rasp. The final 90 seconds fall somewhere between early Supergrass and clever Stephen Malkmus stylings.


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