Nadine Shah – ‘Ladies for Babies (Goats for Love)’

Nadine Shah Ladies for Babies (Goats for Love) video

Nadine Shah has shared the video for new single ‘Ladies for Babies (Goats for Love)’ ahead of the release of new album ‘Kitchen Sink’ on 5 June via Infectious Music.

‘Ladies for Babies (Goats for Love)’ has a darkly menacing sound to start, with a brooding bass line and intense tribal drumming as Nadine spits out lines with venom about what society (and especially men) expects from women: ‘He wants his lady to be a lady. To care less, be hairless. All he wants in fairness is a baby, a little baby’. She demands the man in question ‘play the daddy’ amidst a burst of riffs and Los Campesinos!/Marika Hackman-esque shoutalongs of the track’s title before settling back into the darker territory as she puts her important points about this treatment across: ‘Take full credit for me’; ‘You want to rear me as though you fear me. Put me in your pocket, then take me to market’.

Speaking about the song, Nadine says: ‘My brother was making a comment on sexism when he was younger and made a painting of a man embracing a goat with the phrase ‘ladies for babies, goats for love’. It always stuck with me, I guess cause it sounded daft but really because even back then I knew its true meaning and intent. I was also thinking about a lot of the songs I would have been listening to at the time, songs I sang along to innocently without question of the meaning. ‘Ladies for Babies’ is a direct response to ‘All That She Wants’ by Ace of Base. I reversed the gender and I poke fun at a husband who expects nothing more from me, as a wife, than to carry his child and perform the role of the obeying subservient trophy wife. Only this time the mistress is a farmyard animal. A lot of my album explores subjects of sexism and tradition. It’s not all about beastiality, I promise.’


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