Lucia & the Best Boys – ‘Let Go’

Lucia & the Best Boys Let Go

Glasgow’s indie rockers Lucia & the Best Boys have followed up their ‘Eternity’ EP with the release of new single ‘Let Go’. For this song, the band trade in their catchy indie-pop sound for something that is more atmospheric and anthemic.

Lucia Fairfull says the track, which was written on piano during a tumultous time in her personal life (she normally writes on guitar) is ‘the most honest and true I have ever been in a song’. Opening with a slow, subtle and swaying sound that brings to mind the likes of Sharon Van Etten. Nadine Shah and The National, it’s an emotional piece (‘Is it bad to have hope? It’s just the way I feel. I want you to love me but it’s really no big deal’) that leaves a lasting impression, especially when Lucia admits to thinking about ‘Swimming in the deep end, drowning my head’.


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