Night Flight – ‘ATM/Delusions’

Night Flight - ATM


Night Flight have shared ‘ATM/Delusions’ ahead of the release of new EP ‘White Noise’ on 27 March via CRC Records. Described as ‘a cynical examination of the sacrifices made while seeking acclaim and success’, the two-songs-in-one approach is ‘a homage to the great amalgamation of songs at the end of Abbey Road by The Beatles.’

‘ATM’ starts with Sam Holmes describing how ‘There ain’t no money coming out the Automatic Teller Machine, there ain’t nobody I can ask at the bank of the family tree’ amidst quirky Pictish Trail or Gruff Rhys bursts of melodic indie pop and then revealing how crippling it can be when you’re on ‘the road less travelled’: ‘I’m watching everybody around me work it out. I’m watching everybody around me settle down’;’I don’t even drink anymore, think anymore now I’m alone’.

This sadness continues through to ‘Delusions’ and its musings on how ambitions and achievements can fluctuate to suit any individual at any moment. It’s here where the band veer into a Wilco meets ‘Cassadega’-era Bright Eyes direction with subtle bursts of electronica and Sam’s poignantly powerful vocals: ‘I’ve got delusions of grandeur’.


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