Baklavaa – ‘Sleep Running’ album review

Baklavaa Sleep Running album review Baltimore MD

Self-described as ‘a hypnotic noise punk band from Baltimore’, Baklavaa have shared stages with bands including (Sandy) Alex G and Deerhoof and are now ready to share their third album ‘Sleep Running’ (order here).

A warning siren signals the start of album opener ‘Sugar Water’ and doesn’t relent as La Dispute-style vocals and drums with odd time signatures and a relentless bass drives through the heart of the song. Following this is the post-punk sound of ‘A Thousand Dinners’. This song features distorted vocals, tapped drumbeats and brooding synths in addition to the huge, woozy guitars and would slot nicely alongside Bambara and this potency continues through to ‘Mouthing’ and its defining statement: ‘I got the message today and it’s not going away so I decided to stay’. ‘Dsnylnd’ also has an explosive introduction with swooping and swerving guitars in addition to a punk-rock attitude shining through the frenetic breaks.

‘June’ has almost spoken-word vocals as the band sing about being caught in memories amidst a fractured sound, while ‘Bleacher’ is perhaps more mathy yet still melodic… Think somewhere between Interpol, Meat Wave and The Bronx. The closing track ‘Glowing House’ opens in more ambient fashion before heading back into the darker world of paranoia and being put in your place…

‘Sleep Running’ is a record you won’t want to sleep on.



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