Why Bonnie – ‘Voice Box’

Why Bonnie Voice Box Fat Possum Records

Photo Credit: Pooneh Ghana

Why Bonnie have announced they have signed to Fat Possum Records and that they will be releasing new EP ‘Voice Box’ on 10 April. To celebrate the news, the Austin-based indie rockers have shared the video for the title track from the EP.

A song ‘about the societal pressure to silence yourself, and the frustration and self-doubt that comes with battling sexism’, the song’s sound veers between the emotional warmth of Beach House and the melodies of Maggie Rogers as Blair Howerton opens up about the frustrations and boundaries that so many non-men face on a daily basis: ‘You know I’m your greatest fear. I know it’s easier to bury your uncertainties in a cloud of masculinity. Guess it’s the curse you bear to talk over me.’; ‘I don’t wanna yell, take my voice box out. I can’t control myself, I don’t wanna yell, take my voice box out, I can’t control myself. I’ve been angry since i was a little girl, it runs through me like fire…’


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