Vasudeva – ‘Generator’ album review

Vasudeva Skeletal Lightning

New Jersey trio Vasudeva release their new record ‘Generator’ via Skeletal Lightning on 10 April and it’s an album that sees the already genre-hopping instrumentalists delve into more new sounds than ever before – from their traditional post/math-rock sound to ambience and sounds that will get you dancing in your living room during these strange times.

‘Breaks’ opens the record with electronic glitches running in the background as it drives forward in a way similar to God is an Astronaut. There’s a real sheen to the production values, especially on the air-punching anthem ‘On the Up’. Sure to be added to my running playlist, this is a technical yet powerful and hugely intense listening experience. ‘Only On’ dips into a more synth-led sound while ‘III’ is a little more traditional with its soaring soundscapes, crunching riffs and thunderous drums. Think Agent Fresco meets Explosions in the Sky…

‘Drop’ opens in more glacial fashion before the toe-tapping melodies and programmed drums take over while ‘Stockmas’ (the song the band themselves say is most inspired by their love of R and B) sounds something akin to The Physics House Band covering Bruce Hornsby’s ‘The Way It Is’. It’s layered and textured with the keys very much the driving force. As the album reaches it final throes, Vasudeva treat you to the more deliberately mathy ‘Yamaha’ and uplifting closer ‘Halftime’. The latter of these has a stop-start and aggressove math sound packed with high notes and complex time signatures.

‘Generator’ is a sonic-fuelled record that rewards on repeat listens… It will generate all kinds of feelings in you and you’ll want to play it loud and proud.


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