Wallflower – ‘Eat Away at My Heart’

Wallflower Eat Away at My Heart

Wallflower were due to record the video for ‘Eat Away at My Heart’ from their debut album ‘Teach Yourself to Swim’ (out on 5 June) on 29 March but, as with so many plans at the moment, this was curtailed by the COVID-19 restrictions. However, the band marched ahead and still filmed a DIY video – complete with air drums, bedroom bass playing and a Paramore banner.

Singer and guitarist Vini Moreira-Yeoell says the song is ‘about giving away all the best parts of yourself to someone in the hope that the person in question will like you a little more’ and the visceral lyrics certainly reflect this: ‘I felt cheap, even when I claimed back all you stole so I could free the child I used to be’. The combination of melodic hooks, emo sensibilities (‘Take my sight, take my senses altogether. Hope it leaves you feeling better when you call’) and powerful range of vocals will delight fans of bands ranging from Hell is for Heroes to Black Foxxes.

Wallflower have also started a series of Isolation Covers on their Bandcamp. This kicked off with their take on Bon Iver’s ‘Hey Ma’ and all proceeds will be donated to the mental health charity mental health charity CALM during the pandemic.


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