Fialta – ‘Made It This Far’

Fialta Made It This Far new music

Fialta, a four-piece from California who have been featured on shows including Atypical and Bojack Horseman, have shared new single ‘Made It This Far’ ahead of the release of a new album later this year.

Opening with acoustic strums and subtle drums, the piece of folk rock is all about one of the band’s personal friends and their family who suffered an unimaginable tragedy. The band say ‘The song is about the way that pain silences us – how words often fall short in the face of suffering. It’s about feeling helpless and dumb when other are hurting’.

Amidst Grouplove meets Fleet Foxes melodies and elements of chamber pop, the band open the song by declaring:  ‘Don’t know what to say, it’s been a fucked-up year. No one bought CDs, Twitter stole your soul. I ate far too much but I was never full’. As the organic harmonies and beautiful strings arrive, the lyrics (‘Will you let me in?’) capture the confusion of how you offer support in troubling times: ‘I’ve been searching for a long time, honey. Haven’t learned a thing. Even though the road is going nowhere, even though the night is cold and dark. All I know is that I love you, darling. You and I have made it this far.’



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