Keaton Henson – ‘Career Day’

Keaton Henson Career Day

Keaton Henson has shared his beautiful new single ‘Career Day’ – his first new music since 2016’s ‘Kindly Now’ album.

Harking back to the sparse simplicity of debut album ‘Dear’, the new song covers the way many of us take on different personalities depending on a situation – and how this can be overhelming. It’s accompanied by an evocative video featuring family footage that Keaton filmed as a young child: ‘The video is a collection of often abstracted shots from deeply personal home videos. I just liked the idea of hearing an ageing weary man, singing about his failings over distorted shots of his childhood, and how it colours those captured gleeful moments with the sadness of the passage of time.”

Keaton lists the personalities he tries to embody (‘I’m a deep sea diver, I find ways to breathe. I’m deep undercover, I don’t look like me’; ‘I’m a character actor, I feed myself a line. It leaves me pretty good at pretending I’m fine’; ‘I’m a struggling comedian, I can’t find the laughs’) with poignant self-depreciation while the slow-building and delicate guitar work will stir up all kinds of emotions, especially when he gently sings ‘I’m paper thin, just break me in’.



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