Little Kid – ‘Losing’

Little Kid Losing strean

Toronto indie-rockers Little Kid have shared new single ‘Losing’ ahead of new album ‘Transfiguration Highway’ (out on 3 July via Solitaire Records). The four-piece have retained a relatively low profile since forming in 2011 but have still managed amass a passionate following and share stages with acts including Keaton Henson, Half Waif and Friendship.

With sun-drenched Americana vibes shining through from the very first guitar note, ‘Losing’ will transport you to another era with its gentle piano and Kenny Boothby’s lyrics about watching dogs, getting trashed and losing love: ‘There was a time I used to call her mine. But life, life is long and I got tired or sharing my light. So I took off right away. I knew I’d made a mistake but she was gone’. Bandmate Megan Lunn then responds by telling him ‘You’ve always had a way with losing it’.


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