Spielbergs – ‘Go!’

Spielbergs Go stream

Spielbergs have followed up last year’s ‘Running All the Way Home’ EP with the release of new single ‘Go!’. Recorded with regular producer Tord Øverland Knudsen before the lockdown came into effect, the song is co-released by By the Time It Gets Dark Records and TV network Adult Swim’.

The four-minute anthem finds lead singer and guitarist Mads Baklien reflecting on how hard it is to live with the decisions you make and how you can easily find yourself stuck in your ways, even when you vie to live by a more optimistic mindset: ‘I find myself looking back a lot. Looking back in regret, looking back in anger. It leads to nothing. So I’ve decided to look forward. But the only problem is I don’t know where the fuck I’m going. So I just keep doing what I’ve always done. Going nowhere.’

Opening with a potent burst of drums and the anthemic guitar hooks the band specialise in so well, Mads talks about looking back ‘just to find I really must have been out of my mind’ and trying to follow new horizons as ‘something better’ must be out there. There are impassioned shouts of ‘Pull yourself together’ in the power-pop chorus before an assertive statement of ‘Go, have fun’ and a spoken-word interlude from Linn Nystadnes of Deathcrush asks ‘Can we just do something better?’ and ‘Are you comfortable down there?’ before



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