Fur – ‘Grow Up’

Fur Grow Up stream James Skelly The Coral

Photo credit: Julia Nala

Brighton-based band Fur have shared the nostalgic video for new single ‘Grow Up. Produced by The Coral’s James Skelly, Fur frontman and guitarist Murray says ‘the song i about not wanting to grow up and the worries of not enjoying later adult life’.

The video starts with a vintage video of one of the band members as a child playing ‘Jingle Bells’ before the ’60s Americana-spliced indie stylings and wistful memories take over: ‘What’s gonna happen if I have no one, no friends and family, no one to cry on my shoulder?’

There are choral harmonies and potent guitar hooks as Murray ponders his future and the prospect of growing up: ‘It seems I’ve thought about it one too many times and it’s gone way too far and I can’t take it from my mind’. A jaunty bass line is added as the band then sum up the futility of life in one sentence: ‘Follow the pattern for every person, they grow up, they get old, they die and it doesn’t matter’.

Fur have also announced the following live dates for 2021:

4.03.21 – The Castle & Falcon – Birmingham
05.03.21 – The Cluny 2 – Newcastle
06.03.21 – The Picturehouse Social – Sheffield
07.03.21 – The Deaf Institute – Manchester
08.03.21 – Phase One – Liverpool
10.03.21 – Heartbreakers – Southampton
11.03.21 – Prince Albert – Brighton
12.03.21 – Oslo – London
13.03.21 – Elsewhere – Margate


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