Chartreuse – ‘Tall Grass’

Group photo Chartreuse band

Chartreuse have shared ‘Tall Grass’ ahead of the release of their new EP. The sublime and experimental yet melancholic song finds Michael Wagstaff delivering spoken-word vocals about the future prospects of a relationship (‘May is cruel, comes around too soon but the heat won’t stick around and neither will you’) and the effect this outcome leaves on a personal level: ‘I might take a stroll down to the ocean, feel the water at my feet and the wind at my face. I see stick figures in the distance, will they find me interesting? Will they show me pity? Will they think I’m mad mad mad? Will they think I’ll try and kill myself?’

With the dark stylings of  Tindersticks seamlessly flowing into the gentle ambience that serves Wye Oak so well, the song – which we could class as a short story really – finishes with a powerful open ending: ‘I’m in the tall Grass completely at home, drunk as hell again, wondering why life wont make a fit enough plan for me?’



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