Martha Hill – ‘Landslide’

Martha Hill follows up the success of ‘Grilled Cheese’ with ‘Landslide’ – the second single to be taken from her upcoming ‘Summer Up North’ EP (recorded in lockdown and out on 23 October). Martha says the song is ‘ultimately about not feeling right. When you’re down, it’s hard to imagine the up, and when you’re up, there’s no such thing as down.’

With a synth-drenched backing, the honest piece finds Martha laying her anxieties bare and asking why ‘When I’m feeling better I can’t understand why it won’t last forever’. She discusses the ways she tries to put her – and others’ – mind at ease (‘You shower cold to protect your mind. I take you home to protect your sight. You got a soft shell and hard fight’) before looking up ‘skyward to the gutter’.


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