Rosehip Teahouse – ‘I Meant What I Said’

Photo credit: Adam Whitmore

Rosehip Teahouse have signed to Big Indie Records (Eliza Shaddad, Weird Milk, Childcare) and shared new single ‘I Meant What I Said’ ahead of the release of a new EP this winter.

Inspired by a difficult time in Faye Rogers’ life when they were acting on pure emotion, the short and sweet song (just two and half minutes long) is bathed in gorgeous synths and latter-day Los Camp-esque guitar lines – but with added chamber pop-inspired twinkle.

Faye talks about finding some kind of solace in a little blue Airbnb on an unexpected trip to Copenhagen (‘I could have sworn the smell of the shampoo was the exact same as the one used by a person I had cared deeply for, and suddenly I was back sitting in the street next to them, crying and walking away, ultimately ending our relationship’) before taking responsibility for their actions that led to a break-up: ‘I shouldn’t let myself be so upset. I know I’m the one who caused this. But I didn’t mean to, I didn’t want to hurt you.


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