Gulfer – ‘Heat Wave’

Gulfer have shared ‘Heat Wave’ ahead of their new self-titled record’s release on 16 October via Topshelf Records and Royal Mountain Records. Over the past decade, the band has played shows with the likes of PUP, Foxing and Into It. Over It. – and you can hear elements of all of those fantastic bands in this song’s melodic emo stylings.

‘Heat Wave’ examines how people would rather present an idealised version of themselves in many situations even though it really shouldn’t matter – and how you’ll soon realise who your friends are when you are honest with yourself and others: ‘Biking home I wonder why you say you’re working class when it feels right’. The track opens with a blast of mathy guitar hooks before settling into something more considered and deliberate giving space for the observations to really make their mark: ‘Being in your apartment feels wrong but you don’t mind’. The song than veers around all kinds of swirling hooks and post-rock elements as the band tell the subject ‘you’re acting strange in this heat wave’.


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