Second Hand Poet – ‘I Wanna Watch TV’

Surrey-based singer-songwriter Second Hand Poet (Jamie Tipson) has shared the video for new single ‘I Wanna Watch TV’ ahead of the release of new album ‘An Avenue of Honest News’ on 16 October. Jamie says the song is ‘about having lots to juggle in day-to-day life and feeling selfishly sorry for yourself…”

Jamie says his sound is influenced by Pavement and Phoebe Bridgers and you can certainly hear the former in this ‘sarcastic indie grunge ballad”s opening scuzzy and fuzzy guitar tones – although the delivery of the witty and honest lyrics reminded us of Bob Pollard.

Fully amped up, Jamie talks about how he’s got things to do and friends to see even though he wants to just watch TV and things take a darker turn as he declates ‘I like the air when it feels ice cold, like a Slushie when it hits the back of my throat’ and how ‘I wanna stay up until the lights go dark, when the bugs come out, the witching hour’.


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