Fialta – ‘OMG’

California indie-rockers Fialta have shared ‘OMG’, the third single to be taken from their upcoming full-length album. Inspired by the nerd rock sound of bands including Weezer and Phantom Planet, the band say the song is ‘about Millennial malaise – about our generation waking up and realising we aren’t so young anymore, just kind of feeling tired and over it’ – hear hear to that.

The anthemic track opens with the band declaring ‘Oh My God, I’ve really got to wake up, I don’t want to feel like this. Oh my god, I’m really trying to fake it, I can’t get along like this’ before wishing they were still young enough to still be going out to parties every night. Imagine if Pixies had downed a load of E numbers and jammed something out with Bleachers’ Jack Antonoff on production duty and you’re halfway to the euphoric sadpop sound of ‘OMG’


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