Lande Hekt – ‘Whiskey’

Lande Hekt has shared the video for ‘Whiskey’ ahead of the release of her debut solo album ‘Going to Hell’ via Get Better Records on 22 January, 2021. The single is about Lande coming to terms with her sexuality and realising that she couldn’t pretend she wasn’t gay forever, especially when she found love. The cinematic video follows Lande and her girlfriend Lucy having a wholesome time in the woods.

Lande asks ‘Is it whiskey? Is it beer? Is it all the things I fear? Is it knowing when you’ve had enough? Is it knowing when you’re not going to fall in love?’ in the opening lines over a refined yet stirring sound that reminded us of Sharon Van Etten. When Lande sings ‘Is it the feeling of not having to pretend?’ in a celebratory tone, the drums come crashing in and there’s an increase in the tempo that captures her happiness at now living happily in way that felt right, while also escaping the homophobia and heteronormative culture that pervades in our culture. It’s gently cathartic and and will hopefully help others who find themselves in a similar position.


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