Spectral Nights Christmas Countdown 2020: Dream Nails choose ‘Fairytale of New York’ and share their own ‘Lonely Star (Christmas Song)’

It’s been such a strange year and in the spirit of togetherness and community, we’re going to be counting down to Christmas by sharing a selection of our – and our friends’ – favourite festive songs. Today, Dream Nails’ bass player Mimi Jasson talks about festive memories and highlights the important message in the band’s own offering, ‘Lonely Star’.

‘I personally don’t like Christmas songs.  Having to hear the same songs on repeat at the same time every year is so monotonous, and monotony is hell.   I’m not the biggest fan of Christmas at all!  It makes me think of wastefulness, millions of trees cut down, and corporations putting up christmas decorations to prey on our festive spirits to manipulate us to spend our money in their stores.  I was recently in a Starbucks (I’m sorry, it was literally the only option) and the cutest little boy came in and said to the staff “I love your Christmas decorations!” and my heart broke, because little boy, Starbucks doesn’t care about Christmas, they care about getting your money. BUT I’m trying not to be a downer, so I’d say if I had to pick my favourite Christmas song, it would have to be ‘Fairytale of New York’ The Pogues ft. Kirsty MacColl.  It reminds me of being with my mom and brother during the holidays, and we would always laugh at the lyrics. 

When we [Dream Nails] decided to record a Christmas song, we didn’t want to do a cover, or write a song bashing Christmas.  We wrote our Christmas song “Lonely Star”, to those who might be struggling at home, especially folks who are LGBTQ+, sending love to those who find Christmas time kind of tough.  The facts are, this is a time of year where we are expected to be around family a lot of the time, and for those who are grieving, don’t feel accepted, or aren’t comfortable around family, it’s a hard time of year.  That’s why when we released this song on bandcamp, we offered it for a donation based download, and all of the proceeds go to The Outside Project, the UK’s first LGBTIQ+ Crisis/Homeless Shelter & Community Centre.

If you would like to donate, you can donate via dreamnails.bandcamp.com in exchange for a download of the track.’


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