Middle Kids – ‘Questions’

Photo credit: Daphne Nguyen

Middle Kids, a trip based in Sydney, Australia, have shared the video for ‘Questions’ ahead of the release of new album ‘We’re the Greatest’ via Lucky Number on 19 March. Recorded and produced in LA by Lars Stalfors (St. Vincent, Soccer Mommy), the new album finds lead singer and songwriter Hannah Joy opening up about her vulnerabilities and breaking down the barriers she’d previously put up against herself.

The new single is all about ‘People being around each other but not being close’ and how relationships based around driking are not healthy: ‘How am I supposed to know you when you are drunk all the time’. Opening with handclaps backing Hannah’s vocals, the three-minute song flits between the breezy indie sound favoured by Vampire Weekend and the more experimental leanings of MGMT before a vibrant burst of brass moves it into a joyful – yet melancholic – chamber pop tone: ‘I’ve got questions and you’ve got answers but I’m not sure if they’re fact or fiction. And I’ve got questions and you’ve got answers and I’m not sure if they’re even worth asking’


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