Night Flight – ‘Dreaming’

Photo credit: Sequoia Ziff

Night Flight have shared the video for new single ‘Dreaming’ – a fittingly soaring slice of jangle pop with dreamy melodies and words about the beauty of England’s capital city. Sam Holmes says: ‘People tend to put London down as expensive and unfriendly. But there is something magical about falling in love in a city. That is the feeling I was aiming to capture’.

Opening with hooks akin to Local Natives, albeit with a subtle psychedelic underbelly, Sam sings about favorite memories and how a meeting brought him face to face with someone with whom he had ‘nothing but chemistry’. He then asks the subject ‘Did you catch yourself dreaming again? Have you lost yourself in that feeling again?’ to capture that unforgettable feeling of instantly falling for someone – while not forgetting the role a location can play in this bond.


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