Babehoven – ‘Yellow has a pretty good reputation’ EP review

Vermont-via-LA-based Babehoven share their new EP ‘Yellow Has a Pretty Good Reputation’ – a collection of three songs that finds Maya Bon exploring themes of loss, love, hope and despair in a fuzzy DIY setting.

The drumbeats of recent single ‘Dissociative Tally’ open the EP along with a ludic soundscape that falls somewhere between Fiona Apple and Daniel Johnston. Maya reflects on how ‘I remember choosing three notes randomly’ and declares ‘I wish I was present’ as the sound moves into a more ambient yet no less atmospheric space. ‘Older’ also has that delicate feel with slightly distorted beats and a plea to ‘Please stay here’.

Maya says ‘This EP’s sounds and their corresponding feelings can be understood as emblems of 2020 distress’ and the closing song, ‘Dorian’, captures this thought process as a stream-of-consciousness delivery mentions everything from sports and war to family and self-examination: ‘I look so ugly now I have changed’. We heard elements of Loma in this subtle and stirring yet feverish sound that draws to a close with a theatrical flourish.

Yellow may well have a pretty good reputation but Babehoven are continuing to build on theirs…


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