Abi Rose Kelly – ‘Kill the Waitress’

Liverpool-based singer-songwriter Abi Rose Kelly follows up ‘Polaroids & Violence’ with the grunge-tinged new single ‘Kill the Waitress’. Longlisted for the Glastonbury Festival Emerging competition in 2020, the song finds her taking stock of her own feelings and vowing to make her own path: ‘Kill the Waitress’ is a song about how angry I am with facing the same angry people every day, and how I view my life in general, coming to terms with being miserable and getting on with it. No self pity here, we’re all human.’

Opening with a burst of pounding drums and electrifying guitar hooks, Abi demands that people stop deceiving her and leave situations that are unhealthy for all involved alone. There’s a touch of ‘Stories from the City, Stories from the Sea’-era PJ Harvey in both the delivery of the vocals and the frantic tempo as Abi continues to open up about her true feelings in a cathartic manner.


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