Bad Idea – ‘Happy’

Rose Coloured Records signings Bad Idea have shared new single ‘Happy’ – a song described by the Leeds-based four-piece as ‘a sad sounding song about feeling good, describing the surprise appearance of positive thoughts during a slump’. Opening with woozy Cocteau Twins atmospherics, the track finds Sarah Sefton trying to make sense of these chinks of light that crack through the darkness: ‘All these feelings of feeling alright. I don’t understand cos they don’t happen all the time.’ As the song gently glides towards its culmination, Sarah repeats ‘I’m happy, so…’ – with the pause and lack of conclusion perfectly encapsulating the brain fuzz many have when it comes to mental health (or trying to navigate a pandemic). The grungey riffs in the final minute so just further enhance this state of confusion.


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