Lael Neale – ‘Acquainted with Night’

Lael Neale has shared her self-directed video for ‘Acquainted with Night’, the title track from her new album (out now via Sub Pop and available to order physically on white vinyl* via, select independent retailers in North America, in the U.K.). Lael says the concept is ‘another homemade video that explores my complex relationship with technology. I am drawn to archaic machines, but that doesn’t mean I want to slip backwards into some idealised past. I’m more interested in stepping out of time entirely’.

The song opens with a slow-burning and intensely atmospheric introduction before falling into something more grand, cinematic and ultimately heartbreaking – think somewhere between Lana Del Rey and Mazzy Star: ‘You sent me the cold, white shape of the moon in the city lit by this gloom. It’s how you talk to me in the forest of song I am led, let me be led on. And now that you’ve shown me I hope I know my own way home.’; ‘Shadows move slowly. I hope you might know me as one who’s acquainted with night and now that you’ve gone, I’ll be mourning, I’ll be mourning tonight’.

*Please note: Due to production issues, online LP orders will ship at a later date this spring (exact date TBD)


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