Astroturf Inspector – ‘User Error’

Astroturf Inspector, a one-man-band based in Leith, Edinburgh known to friends and family as Daniel Crichton, has shared his debut single ‘User Error’ via the new also Leith-based record label ‘New Teeth’. Recorded entirely on an iPhone (using its accompanying microphone), the quirky troubadour pop sound reminded us of The Voluntary Butler Scheme or Pictish Trail while the lyrics offer a short – the song clocks in under three minutes – Neil Hannon-esque observation on the fragile relationship between the human mind and technology: ‘It will seem like that your sentences have become a jumbled mess and what it is that you meant to say has been usurped by predictive text’. However, this is swiftly followed by reassurance that ‘You don’t have to reach for the delete button, you’re not an error. Maybe you’re not that broken’.


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