Home Counties – ‘White Shirt/Clean Shirt’

Home Counties have followed up ‘Modern Yuppies’ with new single ‘White Shirt/Clean Shirt’ – a song that continues with the theme of working life under contemporary capitalism. It examines how people can sometimes feel like they’re losing a piece of themselves and their individuality when they are a small cog in a big corporate machine – and how jealousy can strike when they see the achievements – often funded – by others with more aspirational mindsets: ‘Ultimately, it voices a feeling of having ‘learn to fall’, rather than taught to succeed – sinking into the safety net of unfulfilling white collar work’.

The gonzo pop sound would sit neatly alongside Mush and Dutch Uncles as Will Harrison talks about hiding away when things get too much and the futility of being ambitious when your face (or background) doesn’t fit: ‘Dreamt big, got small, don’t care at all’; ‘At public school, they learn to rule but at state school, they learn to fall’. There are stop-start moments full of space-age synths and even a jazzy interlude before closing in wondefully off-kilter fashion. The last question we have is does the title of the song reference Peep Show?


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