Regressive Left – ‘Take the Hit’

Photo credit: Luis Kramer

Regressive Left have shared new single ‘Take The Hit’, a song ‘about how neoliberalism acts as a shield for irresponsible politicians and greedy profiteers – as we try to disentangle the complex web of capitalism to find the spider at its heart, we end up instead blaming the countless flies that have been trapped along the way.’ The band have also announced details of their first ever headline show at Brixton windmill on 1 October.

Sharing management with Squid and Lazarus Kane, ‘Take the Hit’ finds the trio crossing between big electronic beats and art rock with ease while sharing their anger with the way things are right now – with dodgy deals and dodging responsibility the norm for the UK’s leading figures: ‘Even you’ve changed your colours now. Does blood run thicker an IV drip? You don’t have to answer that so default on the mortgages and default on the contracts and default on your privilege’. There’s so much energy with the toe-tapping hooks reminding us of Everything Everything at times while also nodding to !!! and Hot Chip, although the message of uncertainty continues throughout: ‘You are what you say you are. You are you say you can’t remember’; ‘I don’t know what I will find (the left must take the hit)’


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