The Coral – ‘Lover Undiscovered’

‘To me, ‘Lover Undiscovered’, is about when you notice or feel something you take for granted, as simple as the sea or a bird flying, and it’s like discovering that feeling all over again. We wanted the recording to sound like The Velvet Underground playing a Motown song in Rhyl Sun Centre.’ – James Skelly, frontman of The Coral.

‘Lover Undiscovered’, the second single to be taken from The Coral’s upcoming tenth studio album, ‘Coral Island’ (out on 30 April via Run On Records in association with Modern Sky UK – pre-order here), is a breezy and beautiful piece of jangly baroque pop with romance at its core. James remembers a woman who ‘brightens up the grey sky today’ before sweetly describing ‘how her sweet love dances all round’ and how she ‘tells me not to worry if the darkness falls on this house’. Clocking in at just three and a half minutes, the group vocals in the chorus recall ’60s bands like The Byrds but it’s mixed with a classic Coral psych-pop edge that you’ll be humming within seconds.



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