Softcult – ‘Take It Off’

Canadian duo Softcult (Ontario-based twins Phoenix and Mercedes Arn Horn) have shared the video for ‘Take It Off’ to celebrate the release of their debut EP ‘Year of the Rat’ (available now via Easy Life Records). The EP finds the twins rallying against some of the misogynistic experiences they’ve had to put up with in a still heavily male-dominated industry with Mercedes saying ‘No more being submissive. I refuse to stand by while abuse and sexism is so prevalent. It’s important that we educate not just the people that could become victims or survivors of the system of abuse, but that we also encourage people to hold their friends accountable and empower people to call others out. I really just want to make a difference. Hopefully our music inspires people to just not be assholes anymore.’

With its breezy pop sound resembling Soccer Mommy covering the fondly remembered chillwave scene, the band talk about how the subject of the song doesn’t want a girlfriend: ‘She’s your favourite hobby, dress her up like Barbie’. It’s a rally against how many men tell women how they should dress and act – and how this needs to stop.


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