Mint Eastwood – ‘Robert Told Me’

Mint Eastwood follows up the charming art pop of ‘Man from Atlantis’ with ‘Robert Told Me’ – an ode to Robert Smith and the advice – all too often ignored – given in a number of songs by The Cure. As you’d imagine, there’s a goth pop edge to the sound here with Mint’s vocals floating over the cinematic ’80s guitar work, synths and personal outpouring: ‘Robert knows ehen I feel like this it’s all about you and the things that I miss. That stranger’s car, which stole away my cold goth heart. Robert writes all his songs about you and seems to predict everything that you do’. As with all alt-romance songs, there’s a self-depreciating final admission of what will happen next: ‘What else do you want me to do? Ok, I’m fine. But I just can’t stop thinking of you… Ah, never mind’.


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