Lakes – ‘Start Again’

Watford six-piece Lakes have shared the title track of their forthcoming album ‘Start Again’ (out on 30 July via Big Scary Monsters in the UK and Know Hope Records in the US). Produced and mixed by Neil Strauch (Owen, Owls, Joan of Arc), the album tackles themes of anxiety, depression, addiction and toxicity. ‘Start Again’, the song, focuses on the effect the pandemic has had on the whole world’s mental health with lead singer Roberto Cappelina saying: ‘During lockdown last year my mental health was really suffering, and as a result I had been self-medicating pretty hard. There’s a collective suffering right now which makes it harder to relate to an individual’s story, but this was my outlet.

Opening with arty emo hooks that sit somewhere between Delta Sleep and Into It. Over It., the song is packed with melodic harmonies as Roberto sings about being honest and how ‘it feels like I’ve been growing’. It appears to be about making our way through the shitshow that has been the past 18 months by working together and appreciating the struggles individuals have had.

There’s also a brilliant cameo right at the end of the video…


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