Fur – ‘The Fine Line of a Quiet Life’

Photo credit: Julia Nala

Brighton-based four-piece FUR have shared the video for new single ‘The Fine Line of a Quiet Life’ and announced their signing to Boy Pablo’s 777 Music. The band’s previous single ‘If You Know That I’m Lonely’ is set to hit 20 million views and the band are already a firm favourite with 6 Music. Produced by Theo Verney, the band say ‘The Fine Line of a Quiet Life is ‘a documentation of mixed messages you give yourself and take from others about where you feel you should be in your life, and where you’re at. It’s about self-reflection and understanding. It’s about detaching yourself from situations you’ve already been in and know the outcome of’.

Picking up the pace from its very first note, falling somewhere between ’90s grunge, early Coral and Ezra Furman, the song finds the band talking about cutting down a branch of the family tree and how ‘You find it hard to see that the future’s bright ‘cus you just sleep all day and stay up all night’. This is followed by heartfelt observations (‘I only wanted a friend, I’ll do whatever I’m told’) and an admission that ‘I started falling apart’. The uptempo song finishes with some home truths: ‘It’s all a bunch of lies anyway, so why bother, why waste your time?’


One thought on “Fur – ‘The Fine Line of a Quiet Life’

  1. Oh i used to obsessed with angel eyes and then i just listened to that track and for some reason never thought of coming back to fur. But this sounds ace! Glad to have them back on my radar.


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