Lightning Bug – ‘A Color of the Sky’ album review

Lightning Bug – the project of Audrey Kang, Kevin Copeland, Logan Miley, Dane Hagen and Vincent Puleo – are all set to release ‘A Color of the Sky’ via their new label, Fat Possum. This album is the first time the now five-piece (Dane and Vincent are the latest additions to the line-up) have recorded together as a live band resulting in a more natural and dynamic sound that has ever come before…

‘The Return’ kicks off the album in refined and restrained fashion. A slow-burning alt-folk anthem (clocking in at 6 and a half minutes) with a hypnotic slant and gorgeous harmonies, it adds a powerful string arrangement to let you know exactly what to expect over the course of the record. Recent single ‘The Right Thing is Hard to Do’ follows and this song lands more in the Paul Simon or Conor Oberst space as Audrey sings about time not being on their side and how quickly the years seem to pass. These comforting sound and subtle sensibilities continue through the Adrianne Lenker-esque ‘September Song, pt.ii’ and ‘Wings of Desire’, the latter of which is filled with glacial backing effects and soul-searching questions: ‘Who am I to blame?’

‘Song of the Bell’ has an assertive sound as Audrey delivers stream-of-consciousness thoughts against more gently experimental backing, while ‘I Lie Awake’ has the guitars very much plugged in as the band dip their toes into more of a shoegaze sound. The penultimate title track is a tale of self-evaluation set against a reluctant break-up as Audrey decides ‘to say what I mean’ and gives a warning that ‘letters cause heartache’ while examining the importance of language. ‘The Flash’ closes the record with hushed vocals and dreamy Beach House vibes.

‘A Color of the Sky’ is a soaring record that proves Lightning Bug are no flash in the pan. Get your ears around it and prepare to soar.


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