Ben Kweller – ‘Just for Kids’

Ben Kweller has shared the video for new single ‘Just for Kids’, one of the highlights from his brilliant new album ‘Circuit Boredom’. An ode to soulmates and how you should never give up on love (Ben says ‘I have a friend who found her soulmate when she was 50 years old! You never know when true love will find you’), the song opens with some beautiful birdsong before Ben chants ‘Falling in love’ over a glockenspiel intro.

The opening verse is a powerful and personal piece – ‘We take the long way home back from San Francisco. You look so pretty lookin’ at the coast out the window. I think I’ve been here before in one of my dreams. I think I love you but I’m not sure what that means but it seems we are’. Recalling some of Ben Folds’ more tender moments or even Crowded House and George Harrison’s solo material, the melodic moments truly capture the power of this emotion and how it can see you through anything: ‘And I know this road is getting long. The radio just killed our favourite song but we still sing along’.


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